Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really box and cycle at the same time?

Yes, it’s meant to be a full body workout! Evidence-based research has found that specifically combining these exercises and brain training provides lasting benefits for our bodies and our minds.

How many calories will I burn with Cycle Boxer?

Cycle Boxer is a HIIT workout that allows you to blast away stress and calories in the most efficient way! On average, you can burn around 210 calories in a 15 min. workout session.

Do I need to be in great shape to do a Cycle Boxer workout?

No, Cycle Boxer is designed for all levels of users. The programs are designed in 3 different levels - Easy, Medium, Hard. You can continue to challenge yourself with the various combinations!

Is there an App that can record my Cycle Boxer high score?

Yes, keep your best scores and track your success with the app! It is available for both iOS and Android.

How is the score calculated?

Your score is calculated by combining your cycling and punching accuracy performance. If 2 players have the same accuracy, the player with higher cycling watt value will have a higher score!

What are the programs I could use for a Cycle Boxer workout?

There’s a quick start option for you to begin sweating right away with infinite rounds of 3 min cycleboxing and 60 sec active rest time. We want to keep it fun and challenging for you. Besides the 3 levels of difficulties, we also include color and shape variation signals to add in to the combo to keep you sharp and fit!

Can I use my own boxing gloves for the workout?

No, but the Cycle Boxer gloves that come with the package are specially crafted to work with the machine to identify the accuracy and reaction time of your workout!

Can Cycle Boxer track my heart rate during the workout?

Yes, we know getting your heart rate in a specific range is important for a HIIT workout. You can pair the heart rate monitor with the machine through Bluetooth and make sure your heart rate is in the cardio training zone during the workout.

Does the Cycle Boxer require assembly?

Yes, but it is not complicated. Simply follow this video to set up your Cycle Boxer with ease!

When will my order ship?

Orders typically arrive within 5-10 business days after ordering.

What are the dimensions of the cycle boxer?

43.6" x 27" x 74.5"

What is the warranty on the Cycle Boxer?

The Cycle Boxer comes with a lifetime frame warranty and 1 year on all parts and labor. If you have an issue with your Cycle Boxer, please contact 801-973-9993 Ext. 4.

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